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Prom carriages for the ultimate stylish arrival

Proms night is probably the main highlight for any teenager, where you get to let your hair down, dress up and enjoy the last moments before going into the adult world of work.
For an unforgettable journey to the event why not try our High Seat Brake carriage, which is designed to carry 14 people and is perfect for a group. For a smaller, more intimate journey
we have the Cinderella carriage which is perfect for a fairytale entrance.

All of our carriages are in immaculate condition and have been made especially to our design. All carriages arrive with a pair of horses with ribbons to match your colour scheme. Our horses can also be decorated to match your dress and the coachman will have suitable attire for your journey to the prom venue.

If you have quite a distance to travel or time is important then maybe try the traditional carriage horses “gelderlanders” These can cover slightly longer distances 6-7 miles and trot at a speed of 7 minutes a mile. These horses are very elegant with a high stepping action. You can choose either a pair of team of 4 horses.

Don’t just take our word for it

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the part you played on our wedding day, it was a highlight for me to have a horse and carriage, I will never forget it! It was perfect!
Emma x
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