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Our Term and Conditions

Please read carefully, we want the day to go as smoothly as you do, so this page will hopefully tell you all you need to know about how to book us, and what to expect from our company. If there is anything here that is unclear please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are open 8am to 10pm 7 days a week for your convenience and accept all debit/credit cards Booking Deposit We require £150.00 deposit on booking with the balance payable two weeks before your wedding. The deposit is non refundable but if you need to change the date we will carry your deposit over to your new date (subject to availability) Traditional Church wedding We will collect the bride and up to 3 adults, take to the church and onto the reception as long as the total distance is 5 miles or less. Venue Wedding We will collect the bride and take her to the venue, after the ceremony we will take both bride and groom for a ride together, this not only gives them time alone, this will give a great opportunity for photos with the horse and carriage. Getting ready at the venue! We will collect the bride from the venue before the ceremony take her for a ride so she will arrive at the venue in the horse and carriage, and after the ceremony take both the bride and groom for a ride together. Giving you both time for photos with the horse and carriage before and after your ceremony. The horse and carriage will arrive in plenty of time for photos before you leave. Winter weddings or inclement weather All of our carriages can be fully convertible or fully enclosed within minutes, so ideal for those winter weddings or chilly Autumn days! the only person that will get wet is the coachman! Mileage - Shire Horses We limit our mileage for our shire horses to a maximum of 5 miles in a day, this is done for welfare reason and because we care for our horses. Shire horses are bred for pulling weight not distances. These horses travelling at 15 minutes a mile. Mileage - Carriage Horses Carriage horse can travel slightly further than shires, we limit them to 7 miles a day, they are faster than shires and have a high stepping stride. Coachmen All of our coachmen are professional, fully trained and very experienced. Horse Teams You can choose either a pair of team of 4 horses. All of our horses wear ostrich plumes these can be in the colour of your choice to match your colour scheme. Carriages All of our carriages are in immaculate condition and have been made especially to our design. All carriages arrive with a pair of horses with ribbons to match your colour scheme. PLEASE NOTE ALL CARRIAGES AND HORSES ARE OWNED BY DRAYHORSE SHIRES AND WE DO NOT SUBCONTRACT ANY WORK OUT TO OTHER COMPANIES, ALL CARRIAGES AND HORSES CAN BE VIEWED AT OUR PREMISES BY APPOINTMENT.
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